Paleo Diet- Day 3

Paleo Diet Journal

Paleo dietI have decided to chart my progress in my Paleo Diet for all to see. This will not only hold me more accountable, it will also, hopefully, help others along the way to learn from my mistakes and successes.

Today I have started using a site called PaleoTrack to help me calculate my intake so I stay on track and eat within my limits to lose weight. I have about 25 lbs to lose and as of this morning I have already lost 3 pounds…Woohoo! You can click here to monitor your Paleo Diet progress too.

I thought I was doing really well yesterday but when I put in the food I consumed I was way over my Omega-6 fatty acids. Still, I was in the carb zone of only 94g so that is still a plus. It just goes to show you that there are a lot of things to take into consideration and you have to use moderation no matter what kind of diet you are following.

Today I have done much better. I stayed well within all of my limits and only consumed less than 70g of carbs so I am well within the sweet spot of the Paleo diet weight loss range.

I have to admit I just cannot seem to give up my sweetened coffee but I am okay with that. I just make sure that I work harder to keep the carbs low in the rest of my diet and I am still good. As my mentor Mark Sisson (author of The Primal Blueprint) says..even if you are only achieve 80% of the Paleo Diet you are much better off than everyone eating conventionally.

Paleo diet- what was on my menu today:

First thing when I woke up I drank back a full 10 oz glass of water. I find this really makes me feel alert right away.

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee with sugar and cream

I really wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat anything else for breakfast (probably because of all the fats I ate yesterday LOL)

Lunch: I had a serving of my breakfast casserole which is basically a baked omelet and another glass of water.

Snack: Kale chips (about 2 cups before baking)

Dinner: 4 large garlic shrimp with a big helping of stir fried baby bok choi and mushrooms

Snack: A red pear and a cup of tea sweetened with honey

All of this totaled up to a mere 63g of carbs, 40g of fats and 36g of protein. For those who are interested in calories it was only 750. But I really don’t feel hungry or deprived in any way.


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