Paleo Diet – Day 4

Paleo Diet Journal- Day 4

Paleo dietToday was a bit of tough day but I got through it just fine. Figuring out the balance of a Paleo Diet and what works for me is proving to be quite challenging.

Last night I got a headache before I went to bed and I woke up with it again today. I think I am experiencing carb withdrawal. Actually, I think I just did not eat enough calories yesterday. The headache finally went away mid-afternoon once I had some carbs into my system along with a little help from Tiger Balm as well. If you have never used Tiger Balm for headaches it is a miracle cure! Rub a little along your hairline and on your neck. Better than Tylenol or Advil any day! Plus I love the smell of it….but anyways, I am happy to say the headache is gone!

Oh yeah, when I got on the scales this morning I had lost another pound! 🙂 4 days, 4 pounds! I know that the weight loss will not continue at this pace, but I am loving it while it lasts! I have always been able to lose weight rather quickly on diets, the trouble is it comes back when I return to a conventional way of eating. This time I intend not to diet but to change my lifestyle completely.

My biggest problem is lack of exercise. On work days I walk a couple of kilometers every morning after breakfast, weather permitting. But I also run a home business in the evenings and on my days off that require me to be glued to my computer for extended periods of time. My solution..(don’t laugh!) I watch the news every night so during that half hour I stand and wiggle and swing my arms to sort of simulate walking rather than sitting still while I watch TV. It’s not the best solution but, hey, it is better than sitting on my arse all day!

Back to the Paleo diet…Today I upped my calorie intake and still stayed well within my carb limits and took in adequate amounts of protein but I still need to work on getting my fat ratios more in line. I am getting too many Omega 6 and too few Omega 3. I was over my mega 6 limit as soon as I has some almonds and an omelet this morning. I really need to find and eat more Omega 3 foods and then the ratio will go down to a more acceptable level. Once I figure it out it will be smooth sailing from there on in.

One cool thing I do like about the PaleoTrack site is the ability to create your own Paleo diet recipes and get the nutritional values of them. You can also add any new products that they do not have listed by just inputting the data from the nutrition facts on the label. Then it is available for you or anyone else to use. That is how they build their database of foods. I couldn’t believe they did not have bok choi listed yet. It is now though. 🙂

So here is what my Paleo diet consisted of today:

My usual wake-up 10 oz glass of water


1/4 cup of dry roasted, unsalted almonds

Coffee with French Vanilla Coffeemate (I know!)

Low Carb Breakfast Casserole (click for new recipe)


2 cups raw veggies (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, cucumber)


4 oz. Cashew Crusted Salmon (recipe coming soon)

DanActive yogurt drink (needed it to get rid of headache)


Coffee with French Vanilla Coffeemate (I know I could have chosen a better snack, but it was a rough day LOL)


Low Carb Beef Teriyaki Soup (click for recipe)

This all totaled 55g carbs, 91g protein and 97g fats and 1453 calories so I should still be in the fat burning range. I am hoping to see another pound lost when I step on the scales tomorrow so the pain of today will be forgiven but not forgotten LOL. I need to learn from the rough days so they won’t happen again. The Paleo diet does have a bit of a learning curve but I am determined to master it. Grok on!



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