Paleo Diet Journal – Day 11

Paleo dietOkay, I know I have been kind of lax in getting my Paleo diet journal posted the past 3 days. Part of it was the fact that it was Christmas but another part was because I was tempted and cheated a little bit on my Paleo Diet. I was disappointed in myself so I didn’t want to publicly broadcast by back-sliding but I think it is important to be accountable so here is my confession LOL.

Christmas dinner went pretty well but I was tempted so I treated myself to a couple of bites (I swear that is all) of stuffing and a spoonful of cranberry sauce. I was quite proud that I stayed away from the mashed potatoes! The gravy had been made with arrowroot flour so it was safe. I didn’t eat dessert, even though it was Paelo friendly, because I was well satisfied with the meal.

It was the next day that really got me. I don’t know if it was that little bit of cheating at Christmas dinner that triggered a chain reaction or if it was because I spent a fair bit of time sitting watching TV with all of those food commercials, but I got cravings…big time! I was in that state of “I want something but I have no idea what it is”. I HATE those days. I just kept going back to the cupboards and the fridge trying to satisfy that primal craving. I could see that I was way overeating but I couldn’t stop. After the third trip to the fridge I figured I had 2 options, I could continue to eat until I had consumed the week’s worth of groceries in one day and still not be satisfied or I could go to the store and buy a small portion of “forbidden foods” and get it over with so that is what I did. I bought a single serving portion of potato chips. I ate them and that finished the cravings and the binging stopped.

I was disappointed in myself but I learned from it as well. My body reacted to the cheating. That little bit of cheating made it harder the next day and after I ate the forbidden foods I promptly fell asleep in the chair and had a gurgly gut. It just reinforced my reasons to be even more focused.

I am sure there will be more cravings to come, and I will likely treat them the same way, but the cravings will come further and further apart and eventually disappear altogether as I stick to my goals. I could have used the cravings as an excuse and just given up but instead I took it in stride and moved on. So for that I am proud.

Yesterday I created a couple of new recipes to add to my list. Paleo Tuna Scramble Recipe and Paleo Falafel Recipe. These helped me get back on track and I am happy to say I had a full day of strict Paleo diet yesterday.

If you have any tricks for beating cravings in your Paleo diet please share them with me in the comments.


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