Paleo Diet Journal – Day 5

I am sooooo proud of myself! (I wonder, does patting myself on the back counts as Paleo exercise? LOL) I found a healthier, lower carb natural substitute for my double-double coffee!(for anyone outside of Canada that is the Canadianism of 2 cream, 2 sugar) Okay, I know I am not really supposed to be drinking coffee but, hey, a girl does have to have a vice or two! 🙂

I was at the bulk food store today stocking up on arrowroot and coconut flours, dried fruits, nut butters, etc. I’m really pissed that they do not stock almond flour though so I will have to trek on over to the health food store and hopefully find some there that won’t break the bank account. This eating healthy shit really does turn you into a hunter and gatherer when it comes to finding acceptable ingredients!

While I was there, I decided to buy some coconut palm sugar too because I want to make an attempt at doing some baking. It IS Christmas season after all, so I am trying to come up with a dessert that I can at least feel a little less guilty about eating that the rest of my family will enjoy as well…but more about that in another post. Anyways, I also decided to pick up some unsweetened almond milk. Then it hit me…I can use palm sugar and almond milk in my coffee instead of my hazelnut Coffeemate!

So then I looked up the nutritional facts and realized that if I did that, my double-double coffee went from being 5g of carbs down to a measly 1.5 carbs! Oh happy day! Now I can have 3 cups instead one LOL just kidding.

Coconut palm sugar is so much lower on the glycemic index. 1 tsp of granulated sugar is 80 calories but palm sugar only has 20 calories in 2 tablespoons! So instead of 160 calories in my coffee I am down to about 10 and it is just as sweet!

Today I have to say I feel great! The little bout of headaches I had the past day and a half are gone AND I lost another half pound. Soooooo close to the 5 pound mark and the nice thing is when I hit the 5 pounds, I will slide into the 150’s instead of 160’s. That always seems like such a major accomplishment. 3 years ago I topped out at 175 lbs. So getting into the 150s is a big deal to me. My biggest problem is that the majority of my excess weight is belly fat which I know is very unhealthy.

Until I started the Paleo diet, my intake was mostly carbs…brown rice, whole wheat pasta and veggies. I gave up salt a few years ago and aside from my double-double coffee I ate very little dairy and I made sure I used olive oil and olive oil margarine. I “thought” I was a fairly healthy eater yet my weight loss was very slow. I only ate meat a few times per week. My gut was always gurgling and full of gas and I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It just seemed like as soon as my food hit my stomach it began to ferment and I would begin to bloat. I am happy to say that since I started the Paleo diet, the noisy gut is gone!

I am also really proud that today was the first day that I got the Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio right! Yay!


So here was my Paleo diet intake today:

My usual 10 oz water first thing

Coffee with Coffeemate (before I figured out the substitute)

1 slice of dried cantaloupe

I wasn’t really that hungry so I didn’t eat breakfast


A big ass salad!- 3 cups worth! (kale, spinach, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, radishes with a dressing of olive oil, flaxseed oil and balsamic vinegar and golden flax seeds sprinkled over the top)


Anyone who tells you they are hungry on the Paleo diet isn’t eating properly. Look at this. this is a shitload of food! I couldn’t even eat it all.

paleo dinner menuAsparagus, beets, Paleo cauliflower rice, Paleo liver and onions. Click on the links for the recipes. This was some seriously good food and I was stuffed. I had to put one piece of liver away for another day and I couldn’t finish the cauliflower rice because I was so full.


Celery sticks with almond butter

I have to say that today I feel sooooo good it is almost euphoric. My food today was so loaded with vitamins and nutrients so I think that is the reason for feeling awesome. Plus the disappearance of the carbs withdrawal helped!

So all of this food for the day totaled only 83g of carbs, 45g of protein and 54g of fat, but they were good fats. And it was only 1002 calories!

I felt so good I did an extra half hour of wiggle walks tonight LOL got through the news and half of NCIS before I stopped. Grok on!

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