Paleo Diet Journal- Day 6

paleo diet happy danceYippee skippy!! Another half pound lost when I stepped on the scales this morning. I am officially in the 150s. LOL I LOVE the Paleo diet!

That’s my big news for today. Not a very eventful day. I am busy working on developing recipes so check out the new Paleo Pasta recipe. This sauce is to die for! It is my secret sauce but I am going to share it with you and I am sure it will be one you make all the time once you try it. It is one of those…throw everything into the oven an forget about it kind of meals so it is super easy.

Tomorrow I am hoping for some time play around with my Paleo flours and come up with a nice garlic bread to go with the pasta! I still have to figure out a dessert for Christmas dinner too so I better get on that.

So today was a good day overall. Lots of energy and feeling great. Switching to the new Paleo diet lifestyle must be bringing me good Karma too because I picked up two new clients today too LOL Life is good!

Oh! AND according to PaleoTrack, today was the first day I was Strict Paleo Diet! No grains, dairy, legumes or sugars. I guess they mustn’t count palm sugar as sugars since it is plant based and unrefined. Gotta like that!


So here is my Paleo diet intake for today:

My usual wake up glass of water


Coffee with palm sugar and almond milk

1/2 pint of fresh blueberries and a handful of dry roasted, unsalted mixed nuts


Another big ass kale salad….see, here’s proof!

Paleo diet lunch

My salad had 3 cups of Kale, cherry tomatoes, sweet red peppers, radishes and a couple of tablespoons of raw riced cauliflower mixture. The dressing was olive oil, flaxseed oil, dijon mustard and I made it creamy with almond milk. I am actually beginning to really enjoy these big salads LOL


Steak, stir-fry veggies and 1 cup sweet potatoes

I am not really hungry tonight so no snack, just a cup of tea.

And the magic numbers are…… 88g carbs, 48g fat, 57g protein..all for just 1013 calories. I think I am finally getting the hang of this whole Paleo diet thing….and loving it! 🙂

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