Paleo Diet Journal- Day 7

It is one week since I started the Paleo diet and I have to say I feel awesome. I lost another half pound today so that makes a total of 5 1/2 pounds in 7 days. I no longer have carb cravings and I have a ton of energy, way more energy than I had before. I don’t fall asleep in the chair after meals like I used to and my IBS is almost gone. I can’t wait to see the difference in one month if all of these changes happened in only one week!

Today was a busy day. I had a conference call with a client this morning, went and did some shopping (damned Christmas traffic!). I wanted to go to a big box grocery store but it was nuts there so I opted for my little neighborhood grocer instead. The stress is not worth a bigger selection!

Then it was back home to test out a few new recipes I have been working on and they turned out awesome. I have posted the Paleo Chocolate Candy recipe and the Paleo Sesame Fruit Candy recipe on the blog today. Just in time for making Christmas goodies. At first I thought it was just going to me veggies, fruits and meats but the more I play with my ingredients the more I see that the Paleo diet is not restrictive at all! there are literally thousands of recipes and varieties available to anyone who is adventurous enough to try them.

Oh, and then I found out I won a prize from the Elana’s Pantry website. I won the 2 DVD set called The Future of Food. I am looking forward to watching it. It is all about genetically altered food and what it does to us and how the leading American producer of agricultural seeds is also the company who was responsible for creating Agent Orange and DEET and how they took out patents when they created genetically altered corn. They actually hold a patent on corn and other crops and have sued farmers who are trying to grow unaltered crops! It’s crazy! anyways….that was a little bit of a surprise that made my day. Free stuff is always good LOL

So, I have had another Strict Paleo day today! woohooo!

What was on my Paleo Diet menu today:


My usual 10 oz water and my Vitamin D supplement

My coffee with palm sugar and almond milk

1/2 pint of blackberries and a handful of almonds


I skipped lunch because I was out shopping and wasn’t really hungry anyway but I did have one piece of both of the Paleo candies I made (the cook has to taste!)

paleo chocolate candy recipe



1/4 pound of quail (my first time trying it and it was delish)

1 cup cauliflower rice with 1 cup of steamed kale mixed in

1 cup of beets


A cuppa tea, not really hungry for a snack but if I do get hungry later I’ll grab some pumpkin seeds.

So what is my totals today?…..tada! 60g carbs, 46g protein, 66g fats. I know I should have more protein so I have to work on that. The fats were well balanced with lots of Omega-3s and only a few saturated so I am good with that.

Tomorrow I really do have to work on that Christmas dessert since the big day for me is the next day LOL and some Paleo diet bread and cracker recipes I am working on.

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