Paleo Diet Journal -Week 3

Paleo Diet Progress Report

I know I have stopped doing daily Paleo diet journal updates. The fact is, there wasn’t much to report. I am sticking to the plan and everything is going well. I have just finished my third week and I have lost a total of 9 pounds. Yay! One more pound and I am half way through the 150s! I expect to hit the 140’s next month. Then I will only have about 10-15 pounds left to go.

The nice thing is that I am not finding this diet to be much of a challenge. I get all the food I want and because there is fat in the diet, I don’t feel the least bit deprived. I have been creative in coming up with Paleo diet alternatives for the things I crave. Oh…Paleo crackers! These were so quick and easy to make and they get you through those salty potato chip cravings. I will post that recipe today. They only take about 10 minutes to make and are pure protein! Make a bunch up in different flavors and your snack-attacks will always be under control.

My grocery shopping is getting easier too. I simply stick to the outside isles of the store because that is where the fresh foods, meats, eggs and dairy are located. I only venture into the inner isles for the health food section when I need to stock up on almond flour, coconut milk, etc. It sure makes shopping much faster too. I no longer get cravings when I walk by the bakery section, actually I feel a little repulsed which is kind of amazing really. LOL I would have thought it would take longer to stop craving the Paleo diet forbidden foods but after just 3 weeks those seem to be gone.

Paleo Diet Tip:

Japanese sweet potatoOne thing I discovered is Japanese sweet potatoes. These are white fleshed as opposed to the orange fleshed ones we are used to. The skins are more of a purplish-red. You would be hard pressed not to think you had potatoes on your plate with this variety. They taste very much like a potato but are just a bit sweeter.

They are typically a lot smaller than regular sweet potatoes so they are better portion sized. I have cooked these up and mashed them and passed them off as potatoes and no one is the wiser. LOL They actually commented on how good the potatoes were. So if you are missing your potatoes, go for these babies instead.

I plan to use these for potato salad in the summer time and I am thinking I can likely come up with a Paleo scalloped potato recipe too!

I did finally make the Paleo bread and it turned out reasonably well, just a little more tweaking to do but i will have that for you here soon. Really it didn’t feel like a fake (as some Paleo recipe substitutes do) because it turned out like real bread. I just need to get the loaf pan size right and I have a few ideas for different flour combinations before I am satisfied it is the best it can be. Then I’ll post it.

So how is YOUR Paleo diet experience going? Leave me a comment and share some tips, triumphs or problems.

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  1. Hi Cathy!
    I’m not sure where I came across your journals, but it was probably from a recipe link on Facebook or Pinterest, I’m sure.. I also am on about my 4th-5th week of paleo/primal living and just wanted to say that I had the same reaction the last time I was shopping and passing through the bakery section. It’s amazing how easy this is and incredible that I’m not craving any of that ‘crap’ for lack of a better term. I’m slowly working out caffeine and dairy this week. I was totally on target for the past two weeks except for 2 tiny slips this week but the scale has not budged. I’m thinking maybe I’m even doing “too much” in the way of activity….or maybe not eating enough to compensate for how active I am? I don’t bust my butt as I used to at the gym, but do things I enjoy because otherwise I’d sit at home all day/night. I walk, bike and hike. That’s it. I was more active this week though and am wondering if that affected things. It’s actually driving me crazy but I know not to put too much weight into using only the scale as a measure of success. I feel like a million dollars! I’m sleeping soundly, don’t feel the highs and lows I used to throughout the day, am hardly ever ‘hungry’, I have tons of energy, and I can go on. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I should start a blog!

    • Hi Robin,

      Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.
      I am happy that others are finding this lifestyle as easy as I am and are seeing the amazing benefits.
      One tip I can give you is to eat a big helping of liver whenever you hit a plateau in the weight loss. If you cannot tolerate organ meats then take a B12 supplement. This generally revs up the metabolism again and you begin to lose weight again.
      Using a tape measure instead of the weigh scales is also another way to measure your progress. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat so the reason for the lack of weight loss may just be that you built more muscle during your workouts and although you may have lost more fat, the weigh scales would not have registered a difference but you most likely lost inches.

      Keep up the great work!


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