Paleo Sausage and Egg Tarts

Paleo Sausage and Egg Tarts recipeI love breakfast but standing at the stove cooking first thing in the morning does not always turn my crank! This Paleo Sausage and Egg Tarts recipe is so easy to put together and then the oven does the rest. Another benefit is that it makes a dozen tarts and they freeze well so you will have quick breakfasts or lunches on hand that you can pop in the microwave. The other nice thing is that there is very little cleanup…another thing that does not thrill me first thing in the morning.:P

Paleo Sausage and Egg Tarts

(yield 4-6 servings)


12 sausage rounds (not the frozen kind-see picture below) or 1 pound sausage meat

1 carton of Garden Vegetable Egg Creations(see picture below) or 6-8 eggs beaten with diced veggies



Preheat oven to 350F

Place one sausage round per muffin cup and use your fingers to mold it into a crust. Fill the cup 2/3 full with egg mixture. You can top with a little shredded cheese if you eat dairy. Pop those puppies into the oven and in 20-30 minutes breakfast is served! A sausage and omelet breakfast doesn’t get much easier than that.

sausage roundsEgg creationsThese are the images of the ingredients I used. If the same brands aren’t available where you live just look for something similar or go with the alternatives listed in the recipe. I know the sausage is not grass-fed, but I don’t have that readily available in my area so I make do with what is at hand.

If you try this Paleo Sausage and Egg Tarts recipe let me know how you like it or any variations you may try.


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