My Typical Daily Paleo Menu

People often ask me what I typically eat every day on the Paleo diet so I thought I would share my Paleo menu for today to give you an idea. My goal is always 9 cups of fruits & veggies a day. When I say this most people say… “I could never do that!”. It really is not as hard as it sounds and you don’t feel like you are eating like a rabbit either!

Now that is not to say I don’t miss the mark some days, but it is a goal I try to attain as often as possible. Some days I may only get 6 cups in, but that is still way more than the average person.

The reason I try to eat this way is for my health and disease prevention. You just feel so much better when you load up on veggies and get all those delicious vitamins and nutrients into your body! Plus, it is tasty too!

So here is my Paleo menu for today:


egg fried tomatoes recipe

Egg Fried Tomatoes. (1 – 1 1/2 cup tomatoes per serving)

Bowl of fresh berries (1 cup) If I don’t eat them all in one sitting then I snack on them throughout the morning.


green salad

BIG green salad, usually with some fruit and nuts added for variety and I most often use flavored olive oils and either lemon juice or flavored balsamic vinegar as the dressing. Yummy! Sometimes I will add in leftover meat or fish if I have it in the fridge. A heaped dinner plate of salad is about 3 cups.


Paleo dinner

Today it is mashed Japanese sweet potatoes/parsnips (1 cup), steamed eggplant/red peppers(1/2 cup) and 3 cups spinach that has been steamed (you can see how much it reduces in volume when steamed but still retains the nutrients of the 3 cups) and diced ham.

So today I actually exceeded my goal by half a cup, eating 9 1/2 cups of veggies and fruit and if I am hungry in the evening I will snack on some berries & nuts if I want sweets or make some zucchini chips if I want something salty. It really is not hard to consume larger volumes of veg if you set your mind to it. You can also see that I had a variety of foods that were both satisfying and delicious!


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