Paleo Diet – Share the Love -Q&A

paleo dietWhen I first started my Paleo Diet I had a ton of questions and concerns. I began reading many books (which I highly recommend you do) and visiting all kinds of websites to gather more information but the resource I found the most helpful when I had difficulty came from people just like you and me. They were on their journey to the Paleo Diet lifestyle too and generously shared their experiences with others in the form of comments on blogs and posts in forums.

There were a ton of delicious Paleo diet recipes shared, tips to help you overcome hurdles, suggestions and even a question or two that I could answer to help someone else out. So I invite you to share the love with a fellow Paleo diet buddy.

So join the community by leaving a comment, question or just say “Hi” and share your experience.



  1. Do you recommend any of the smoothie juices that I see on the market shelves these days Naked, Ambazon are the ones I have selected.

    Can I make my own veggie Smoothies? I say smoothies but I use the Ninja so I don’t lose the fiber.

    • Hi LaDonna,

      Smoothies are a great way to get extra veggies and greens into your diet. Since the mix still contains the natural fiber and bulk, it is the same as eating the whole veg.
      You can definitely make your own smoothies and in fact, if you are going to drink smoothies I highly recommend you make your own for several reasons.
      1. Cost. It is far cheaper to make your own. 2. You control what goes into the mix. ie: no preservatives or sugars. 3. You can load them up with extra nutrition by adding things like spirulina and other greens.

      One word of caution. Make sure you are loading the smoothies with more veggies than fruits. This is especially true if you are trying to lose weight.
      If you are using the smoothie as a meal replacement, make sure to use full fat yogurt and almond milk to get the fat and proteins needed. Replace the banana with avocado to give you the creamy texture without the sugars. Add fruits such as blueberries or blackberries that are high in antioxidants but lower in sugar.

      I’m not too familiar with the store-bought smoothies as my rule of thumb is … if you can make it yourself it is always best.

  2. Hi, I just started Paleo this week and I have tons of brick walls, However I have been researching this diet with every thing I know, I am a more make it my self person if I can and I found a treat on Pintrest that is real good, I am not giving up, it is a little hard to find almond milk or the flour but with a lot of research I found a carrier close enough to buy from ,it is pricie but worth it Im sure. I also found a site Natures box snacks i need to check it out. So it has been my first week and being aware of what I put in my mouth, I have lose 5pds in 5 days . drink plenty of water, now the diet soda is gonna take a lil work. Dianna

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