Paleo Diet – Who Should You Believe?

Paleo Diet Information Overload

paleo diet right or wrongI am sure that if you are like me you have done a great deal of reading on the Paleo Diet and are as confused as I was about the varying opinions on what should and should not be included in your diet.
It seems that every author and every website owner has a different twist on the Paleo or Primal diet. So who should you believe?
No matter which mentor you choose to guide you along the path of your Paleo diet, their ideas and beliefs will be different from the next person’s. Does this mean one is right and one is wrong? Of course not, it just means they are interpreting things differently or they have found that one way worked better for them.
What you need to do is read everything you can. Buy all of the various books and then figure out what works best for you and your body. You will find that your ideal plan may end up being a little from this book, a little from that book and a little of your own intuition.

Paleo Diet Differences of Opinions

For example: Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet says you should avoid sweet potatoes while Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint says you should eat them in moderation. Another difference in opinions is the inclusion of dairy in your diet. Cordain says no dairy and Sisson says include it if it is whole fat if you are not lactose intolerant or have healthy insulin levels.
My point is this…Experiment yourself. Find out what works best for you. I suggest sticking with a strict regimen when you first start out to get your body into that fat burning state and then begin experimenting with the “questionable” items and see how you do. Your body will let you know if it doesn’t tolerate it well. You will either have a carb crash when your insulin spikes and lowers, in which case your body is telling you not to include these foods or you will feel no metabolic change so you can feel free to consume them in moderation.
Beware though, some people are so passionate about their Paleo diet that they will pooh-pooh you for going against what they believe is the right way to do things. In the end, there is no right or wrong way that is consistent for every individual. Let your body be your guide to your Paleo diet and don’t worry about what others say. Only you know how you feel.

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