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Paleo Diet Journal -Week 3

Paleo Diet Progress Report

I know I have stopped doing daily Paleo diet journal updates. The fact is, there wasn’t much to report. I am sticking to the plan and everything is going well. I have just finished my third week and I have lost a total of 9 pounds. Yay! One more pound and I am half way through the 150s! I expect to hit the 140’s next month. Then I will only have about 10-15 pounds left to go.

The nice thing is that I am not finding this diet to be much of a challenge. I get all the food I want and because there is fat in the diet, I don’t feel the least bit deprived. I have been creative in coming up with Paleo diet alternatives for the things I crave. Oh…Paleo crackers! These were so quick and easy to make and they get you through those salty potato chip cravings. I will post that recipe today. They only take about 10 minutes to make and are pure protein! Make a bunch up in different flavors and your snack-attacks will always be under control.

My grocery shopping is getting easier too. I simply stick to the outside isles of the store because that is where the fresh foods, meats, eggs and dairy are located. I only venture into the inner isles for the health food section when I need to stock up on almond flour, coconut milk, etc. It sure makes shopping much faster too. I no longer get cravings when I walk by the bakery section, actually I feel a little repulsed which is kind of amazing really. LOL I would have thought it would take longer to stop craving the Paleo diet forbidden foods but after just 3 weeks those seem to be gone.

Paleo Diet Tip:

Japanese sweet potatoOne thing I discovered is Japanese sweet potatoes. These are white fleshed as opposed to the orange fleshed ones we are used to. The skins are more of a purplish-red. You would be hard pressed not to think you had potatoes on your plate with this variety. They taste very much like a potato but are just a bit sweeter.

They are typically a lot smaller than regular sweet potatoes so they are better portion sized. I have cooked these up and mashed them and passed them off as potatoes and no one is the wiser. LOL They actually commented on how good the potatoes were. So if you are missing your potatoes, go for these babies instead.

I plan to use these for potato salad in the summer time and I am thinking I can likely come up with a Paleo scalloped potato recipe too!

I did finally make the Paleo bread and it turned out reasonably well, just a little more tweaking to do but i will have that for you here soon. Really it didn’t feel like a fake (as some Paleo recipe substitutes do) because it turned out like real bread. I just need to get the loaf pan size right and I have a few ideas for different flour combinations before I am satisfied it is the best it can be. Then I’ll post it.

So how is YOUR Paleo diet experience going? Leave me a comment and share some tips, triumphs or problems.

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Paleo Diet Journal – Day 11

Paleo dietOkay, I know I have been kind of lax in getting my Paleo diet journal posted the past 3 days. Part of it was the fact that it was Christmas but another part was because I was tempted and cheated a little bit on my Paleo Diet. I was disappointed in myself so I didn’t want to publicly broadcast by back-sliding but I think it is important to be accountable so here is my confession LOL.

Christmas dinner went pretty well but I was tempted so I treated myself to a couple of bites (I swear that is all) of stuffing and a spoonful of cranberry sauce. I was quite proud that I stayed away from the mashed potatoes! The gravy had been made with arrowroot flour so it was safe. I didn’t eat dessert, even though it was Paelo friendly, because I was well satisfied with the meal.

It was the next day that really got me. I don’t know if it was that little bit of cheating at Christmas dinner that triggered a chain reaction or if it was because I spent a fair bit of time sitting watching TV with all of those food commercials, but I got cravings…big time! I was in that state of “I want something but I have no idea what it is”. I HATE those days. I just kept going back to the cupboards and the fridge trying to satisfy that primal craving. I could see that I was way overeating but I couldn’t stop. After the third trip to the fridge I figured I had 2 options, I could continue to eat until I had consumed the week’s worth of groceries in one day and still not be satisfied or I could go to the store and buy a small portion of “forbidden foods” and get it over with so that is what I did. I bought a single serving portion of potato chips. I ate them and that finished the cravings and the binging stopped.

I was disappointed in myself but I learned from it as well. My body reacted to the cheating. That little bit of cheating made it harder the next day and after I ate the forbidden foods I promptly fell asleep in the chair and had a gurgly gut. It just reinforced my reasons to be even more focused.

I am sure there will be more cravings to come, and I will likely treat them the same way, but the cravings will come further and further apart and eventually disappear altogether as I stick to my goals. I could have used the cravings as an excuse and just given up but instead I took it in stride and moved on. So for that I am proud.

Yesterday I created a couple of new recipes to add to my list. Paleo Tuna Scramble Recipe and Paleo Falafel Recipe. These helped me get back on track and I am happy to say I had a full day of strict Paleo diet yesterday.

If you have any tricks for beating cravings in your Paleo diet please share them with me in the comments.


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Paleo Diet Journal – Day 8

Busy..busy..busy! It is the day before my big Christmas dinner so there are a ton of things to do. I was so busy this morning that I actually forgot to weigh myself today LOL so will have to wait until tomorrow for an update on the weight loss.

My to-do list today included:

  • last minute shopping, I still need to rush out to pick one thing up but I know what I want to get and the store is having a midnight madness thing today so I have until midnight to do it LOL So it is being moved to the bottom of the list.
  • housecleaning! I have to admit the past week I have been kinda lax in this area so a top to bottom cleanup is needed.
  • Make a Paleo dessert, with a backup plan in place in case it is a flop 🙂
  • Make Paleo bread
  • My turkey is already stuffed (I cheated and bought a pre-stuffed bird) It’s not Paleo stuffing, but I don’t intend to eat it so that’s okay. The rest of my family is not on a Paleo diet (yet) so I think there would be mutiny if I didn’t make them stuffing and mashed potatoes as part of their Christmas dinner. I’m not worried about being tempted myself. There is plenty of Paleo foods on the menu for me! Today I will do much of the prep work for tomorrow so it all goes off without a hitch.
  • Wrap presents! I still have a bunch of gift wrapping yet to do.

It’s evening now and I got through all of my list except the wrapping so I will get up early tomorrow, get the bird in the oven and then start wrapping. My kids won’t be showing up till mid-afternoon so that should leave me plenty of time.


My Paleo diet menu today was:

Beet water and Vitamin D (I saved the water I cooked my beets in. I remembered that when you boil vegetables you boil out some nutrients so when I cooked my beets I saved the water to drink in the mornings. It’s not half bad!)


serving of Paleo Breakfast Casserole



Paleo pasta and meatbals

don’t ya love my ducky bowl 🙂

serving of Paleo Pasta and Hot Italian Sausage with 1 tbsp flaxseed oil drizzled on top

garlic biscuit (yep, I made them. they were good, but I need to tweak the recipe a bit before posting)


I was really tired by dinner time LOL was on the run all day so I had a lazy dinner

1/2 pint raw blueberries

2 oz kolbassa

tbsp raw almonds


My magic numbers were 61g carbs, 56g protein and 89 g fats…total 1267 calories. Even in a pinch I still did well. It pays off to have meals prepped ahead of time!

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Paleo Diet Journal- Day 7

It is one week since I started the Paleo diet and I have to say I feel awesome. I lost another half pound today so that makes a total of 5 1/2 pounds in 7 days. I no longer have carb cravings and I have a ton of energy, way more energy than I had before. I don’t fall asleep in the chair after meals like I used to and my IBS is almost gone. I can’t wait to see the difference in one month if all of these changes happened in only one week!

Today was a busy day. I had a conference call with a client this morning, went and did some shopping (damned Christmas traffic!). I wanted to go to a big box grocery store but it was nuts there so I opted for my little neighborhood grocer instead. The stress is not worth a bigger selection!

Then it was back home to test out a few new recipes I have been working on and they turned out awesome. I have posted the Paleo Chocolate Candy recipe and the Paleo Sesame Fruit Candy recipe on the blog today. Just in time for making Christmas goodies. At first I thought it was just going to me veggies, fruits and meats but the more I play with my ingredients the more I see that the Paleo diet is not restrictive at all! there are literally thousands of recipes and varieties available to anyone who is adventurous enough to try them.

Oh, and then I found out I won a prize from the Elana’s Pantry website. I won the 2 DVD set called The Future of Food. I am looking forward to watching it. It is all about genetically altered food and what it does to us and how the leading American producer of agricultural seeds is also the company who was responsible for creating Agent Orange and DEET and how they took out patents when they created genetically altered corn. They actually hold a patent on corn and other crops and have sued farmers who are trying to grow unaltered crops! It’s crazy! anyways….that was a little bit of a surprise that made my day. Free stuff is always good LOL

So, I have had another Strict Paleo day today! woohooo!

What was on my Paleo Diet menu today:


My usual 10 oz water and my Vitamin D supplement

My coffee with palm sugar and almond milk

1/2 pint of blackberries and a handful of almonds


I skipped lunch because I was out shopping and wasn’t really hungry anyway but I did have one piece of both of the Paleo candies I made (the cook has to taste!)

paleo chocolate candy recipe



1/4 pound of quail (my first time trying it and it was delish)

1 cup cauliflower rice with 1 cup of steamed kale mixed in

1 cup of beets


A cuppa tea, not really hungry for a snack but if I do get hungry later I’ll grab some pumpkin seeds.

So what is my totals today?…..tada! 60g carbs, 46g protein, 66g fats. I know I should have more protein so I have to work on that. The fats were well balanced with lots of Omega-3s and only a few saturated so I am good with that.

Tomorrow I really do have to work on that Christmas dessert since the big day for me is the next day LOL and some Paleo diet bread and cracker recipes I am working on.

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Paleo Diet Journal- Day 6

paleo diet happy danceYippee skippy!! Another half pound lost when I stepped on the scales this morning. I am officially in the 150s. LOL I LOVE the Paleo diet!

That’s my big news for today. Not a very eventful day. I am busy working on developing recipes so check out the new Paleo Pasta recipe. This sauce is to die for! It is my secret sauce but I am going to share it with you and I am sure it will be one you make all the time once you try it. It is one of those…throw everything into the oven an forget about it kind of meals so it is super easy.

Tomorrow I am hoping for some time play around with my Paleo flours and come up with a nice garlic bread to go with the pasta! I still have to figure out a dessert for Christmas dinner too so I better get on that.

So today was a good day overall. Lots of energy and feeling great. Switching to the new Paleo diet lifestyle must be bringing me good Karma too because I picked up two new clients today too LOL Life is good!

Oh! AND according to PaleoTrack, today was the first day I was Strict Paleo Diet! No grains, dairy, legumes or sugars. I guess they mustn’t count palm sugar as sugars since it is plant based and unrefined. Gotta like that!


So here is my Paleo diet intake for today:

My usual wake up glass of water


Coffee with palm sugar and almond milk

1/2 pint of fresh blueberries and a handful of dry roasted, unsalted mixed nuts


Another big ass kale salad….see, here’s proof!

Paleo diet lunch

My salad had 3 cups of Kale, cherry tomatoes, sweet red peppers, radishes and a couple of tablespoons of raw riced cauliflower mixture. The dressing was olive oil, flaxseed oil, dijon mustard and I made it creamy with almond milk. I am actually beginning to really enjoy these big salads LOL


Steak, stir-fry veggies and 1 cup sweet potatoes

I am not really hungry tonight so no snack, just a cup of tea.

And the magic numbers are…… 88g carbs, 48g fat, 57g protein..all for just 1013 calories. I think I am finally getting the hang of this whole Paleo diet thing….and loving it! 🙂

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Paleo Diet Journal – Day 5

I am sooooo proud of myself! (I wonder, does patting myself on the back counts as Paleo exercise? LOL) I found a healthier, lower carb natural substitute for my double-double coffee!(for anyone outside of Canada that is the Canadianism of 2 cream, 2 sugar) Okay, I know I am not really supposed to be drinking coffee but, hey, a girl does have to have a vice or two! 🙂

I was at the bulk food store today stocking up on arrowroot and coconut flours, dried fruits, nut butters, etc. I’m really pissed that they do not stock almond flour though so I will have to trek on over to the health food store and hopefully find some there that won’t break the bank account. This eating healthy shit really does turn you into a hunter and gatherer when it comes to finding acceptable ingredients!

While I was there, I decided to buy some coconut palm sugar too because I want to make an attempt at doing some baking. It IS Christmas season after all, so I am trying to come up with a dessert that I can at least feel a little less guilty about eating that the rest of my family will enjoy as well…but more about that in another post. Anyways, I also decided to pick up some unsweetened almond milk. Then it hit me…I can use palm sugar and almond milk in my coffee instead of my hazelnut Coffeemate!

So then I looked up the nutritional facts and realized that if I did that, my double-double coffee went from being 5g of carbs down to a measly 1.5 carbs! Oh happy day! Now I can have 3 cups instead one LOL just kidding.

Coconut palm sugar is so much lower on the glycemic index. 1 tsp of granulated sugar is 80 calories but palm sugar only has 20 calories in 2 tablespoons! So instead of 160 calories in my coffee I am down to about 10 and it is just as sweet!

Today I have to say I feel great! The little bout of headaches I had the past day and a half are gone AND I lost another half pound. Soooooo close to the 5 pound mark and the nice thing is when I hit the 5 pounds, I will slide into the 150’s instead of 160’s. That always seems like such a major accomplishment. 3 years ago I topped out at 175 lbs. So getting into the 150s is a big deal to me. My biggest problem is that the majority of my excess weight is belly fat which I know is very unhealthy.

Until I started the Paleo diet, my intake was mostly carbs…brown rice, whole wheat pasta and veggies. I gave up salt a few years ago and aside from my double-double coffee I ate very little dairy and I made sure I used olive oil and olive oil margarine. I “thought” I was a fairly healthy eater yet my weight loss was very slow. I only ate meat a few times per week. My gut was always gurgling and full of gas and I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It just seemed like as soon as my food hit my stomach it began to ferment and I would begin to bloat. I am happy to say that since I started the Paleo diet, the noisy gut is gone!

I am also really proud that today was the first day that I got the Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio right! Yay!


So here was my Paleo diet intake today:

My usual 10 oz water first thing

Coffee with Coffeemate (before I figured out the substitute)

1 slice of dried cantaloupe

I wasn’t really that hungry so I didn’t eat breakfast


A big ass salad!- 3 cups worth! (kale, spinach, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, radishes with a dressing of olive oil, flaxseed oil and balsamic vinegar and golden flax seeds sprinkled over the top)


Anyone who tells you they are hungry on the Paleo diet isn’t eating properly. Look at this. this is a shitload of food! I couldn’t even eat it all.

paleo dinner menuAsparagus, beets, Paleo cauliflower rice, Paleo liver and onions. Click on the links for the recipes. This was some seriously good food and I was stuffed. I had to put one piece of liver away for another day and I couldn’t finish the cauliflower rice because I was so full.


Celery sticks with almond butter

I have to say that today I feel sooooo good it is almost euphoric. My food today was so loaded with vitamins and nutrients so I think that is the reason for feeling awesome. Plus the disappearance of the carbs withdrawal helped!

So all of this food for the day totaled only 83g of carbs, 45g of protein and 54g of fat, but they were good fats. And it was only 1002 calories!

I felt so good I did an extra half hour of wiggle walks tonight LOL got through the news and half of NCIS before I stopped. Grok on!

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Paleo Diet – Day 4

Paleo Diet Journal- Day 4

Paleo dietToday was a bit of tough day but I got through it just fine. Figuring out the balance of a Paleo Diet and what works for me is proving to be quite challenging.

Last night I got a headache before I went to bed and I woke up with it again today. I think I am experiencing carb withdrawal. Actually, I think I just did not eat enough calories yesterday. The headache finally went away mid-afternoon once I had some carbs into my system along with a little help from Tiger Balm as well. If you have never used Tiger Balm for headaches it is a miracle cure! Rub a little along your hairline and on your neck. Better than Tylenol or Advil any day! Plus I love the smell of it….but anyways, I am happy to say the headache is gone!

Oh yeah, when I got on the scales this morning I had lost another pound! 🙂 4 days, 4 pounds! I know that the weight loss will not continue at this pace, but I am loving it while it lasts! I have always been able to lose weight rather quickly on diets, the trouble is it comes back when I return to a conventional way of eating. This time I intend not to diet but to change my lifestyle completely.

My biggest problem is lack of exercise. On work days I walk a couple of kilometers every morning after breakfast, weather permitting. But I also run a home business in the evenings and on my days off that require me to be glued to my computer for extended periods of time. My solution..(don’t laugh!) I watch the news every night so during that half hour I stand and wiggle and swing my arms to sort of simulate walking rather than sitting still while I watch TV. It’s not the best solution but, hey, it is better than sitting on my arse all day!

Back to the Paleo diet…Today I upped my calorie intake and still stayed well within my carb limits and took in adequate amounts of protein but I still need to work on getting my fat ratios more in line. I am getting too many Omega 6 and too few Omega 3. I was over my mega 6 limit as soon as I has some almonds and an omelet this morning. I really need to find and eat more Omega 3 foods and then the ratio will go down to a more acceptable level. Once I figure it out it will be smooth sailing from there on in.

One cool thing I do like about the PaleoTrack site is the ability to create your own Paleo diet recipes and get the nutritional values of them. You can also add any new products that they do not have listed by just inputting the data from the nutrition facts on the label. Then it is available for you or anyone else to use. That is how they build their database of foods. I couldn’t believe they did not have bok choi listed yet. It is now though. 🙂

So here is what my Paleo diet consisted of today:

My usual wake-up 10 oz glass of water


1/4 cup of dry roasted, unsalted almonds

Coffee with French Vanilla Coffeemate (I know!)

Low Carb Breakfast Casserole (click for new recipe)


2 cups raw veggies (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, cucumber)


4 oz. Cashew Crusted Salmon (recipe coming soon)

DanActive yogurt drink (needed it to get rid of headache)


Coffee with French Vanilla Coffeemate (I know I could have chosen a better snack, but it was a rough day LOL)


Low Carb Beef Teriyaki Soup (click for recipe)

This all totaled 55g carbs, 91g protein and 97g fats and 1453 calories so I should still be in the fat burning range. I am hoping to see another pound lost when I step on the scales tomorrow so the pain of today will be forgiven but not forgotten LOL. I need to learn from the rough days so they won’t happen again. The Paleo diet does have a bit of a learning curve but I am determined to master it. Grok on!



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Paleo Diet- Day 3

Paleo Diet Journal

Paleo dietI have decided to chart my progress in my Paleo Diet for all to see. This will not only hold me more accountable, it will also, hopefully, help others along the way to learn from my mistakes and successes.

Today I have started using a site called PaleoTrack to help me calculate my intake so I stay on track and eat within my limits to lose weight. I have about 25 lbs to lose and as of this morning I have already lost 3 pounds…Woohoo! You can click here to monitor your Paleo Diet progress too.

I thought I was doing really well yesterday but when I put in the food I consumed I was way over my Omega-6 fatty acids. Still, I was in the carb zone of only 94g so that is still a plus. It just goes to show you that there are a lot of things to take into consideration and you have to use moderation no matter what kind of diet you are following.

Today I have done much better. I stayed well within all of my limits and only consumed less than 70g of carbs so I am well within the sweet spot of the Paleo diet weight loss range.

I have to admit I just cannot seem to give up my sweetened coffee but I am okay with that. I just make sure that I work harder to keep the carbs low in the rest of my diet and I am still good. As my mentor Mark Sisson (author of The Primal Blueprint) says..even if you are only achieve 80% of the Paleo Diet you are much better off than everyone eating conventionally.

Paleo diet- what was on my menu today:

First thing when I woke up I drank back a full 10 oz glass of water. I find this really makes me feel alert right away.

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee with sugar and cream

I really wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat anything else for breakfast (probably because of all the fats I ate yesterday LOL)

Lunch: I had a serving of my breakfast casserole which is basically a baked omelet and another glass of water.

Snack: Kale chips (about 2 cups before baking)

Dinner: 4 large garlic shrimp with a big helping of stir fried baby bok choi and mushrooms

Snack: A red pear and a cup of tea sweetened with honey

All of this totaled up to a mere 63g of carbs, 40g of fats and 36g of protein. For those who are interested in calories it was only 750. But I really don’t feel hungry or deprived in any way.


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