Is the Paleo Low-Carb Diet the Healthiest?

The question posed is whether the Paleo low-carb diet is the healthiest lifestyle. The debate, of course, continues. Years ago high protein diets began to come on to the scene with the “Atkins” diet and others like that. People did, in fact lose weight. But as many folks who have tried to lose weight using “phase” approaches like this can attest, the results do not last if the lifestyle isn’t maintained.

Today, it seems like there is a new fad diet popping up every other day. Whether it’s Paleo, Keto, Mediterranean, or any other option, it is understandable that something as seemingly simple as cooking and eating might be more confusing than it ever was for our parents and grandparents!

As we gather more information, let’s just agree – for right now – that a diet rich in lean protein, lots of fresh and colorful veggies, and a few whole grains is a safe bet. Then, we’ll take it from there!