Top Three Diet Pills For Maximum Weight Loss

In search of weight loss, many Americans turn to the use of dietary supplements in an effort to shed unwanted pounds. This is because, for certain individuals, diet and exercise alone are not enough to maintain their desired weight. However, there is a broad range of supplements on today’s market, and selecting the best one may at first seem like a daunting endeavor. It is essentially the ingredients in each diet pill that determines whether or not it is an effective supplement. Below are three of the top diet pills for weight loss on today’s market:

Thermogenic Supplements

Manufacturers of thermogenic supplements claim they increase metabolism through body heat, and some dieters have had great success with such formulas.

Thermogenic diet pills are said to increase the rate at which the human body can burn fat, and proponents of such supplements state that this is accomplished by generating body heat, which in turn, increases the metabolism. This generation of body heat is said to be similar to the way a person’s body heats up when he or she is engaged in exercise.

According to the United States National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, a double-blind study was conducted on a thermogenic supplement called “Meltdown.” Six male participants were given a placebo, and six were given the supplement. The study showed that the resting energy expenditure in the six men taking the thermogenic supplement was higher than those who were given the placebo.

Bee Pollen

Some people may prefer organic dietary supplements. Royal jelly diet pills are all natural and organically processed. In addition, even those brands marketed for weight loss rarely contain stimulants.

Such supplements are believed to have the ability to curb one’s appetite and regulate his or her metabolism so that it will run at full speed. As a result, more calories are burned, nutrients are absorbed in a more efficient fashion, and less fat is stored on the person’s body. Many of the weight loss benefits with which royal jelly is associated are due to its protein and amino acid content.

Both these substances are found in royal jelly in generous amounts. It also contains essential enzymes for converting food into energy, which assists individuals to lose weight and metabolize their food in a more efficient manner.

Garcinia X5

Garcinia X5 is another popular diet pill that took the market by storm several years ago. It is said to boost metabolism, increase mental alertness and physical energy, enhance fat loss and suppress the appetite.

Whether a person is struggling with junk food addiction, sluggish metabolism, or cannot resist the temptation to indulge in emotional eating, safe, FDA approved diet pills may be the light at the end of the tunnel.